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A New Reverse Variety? Failmezger 372d DEL


Reverse: GLORIA EXERCITVS, BSIS*, "O" in standard

Constantine I "The Great" - Obv: Emperor with Eyes Raised to Heaven. Rev: Campgate

This is one of my favorite coins that I don't own. It is from Victor Failmezger's collection and the image is from his book Roman Bronze Coins. [Watchtower of Cyzicus with two beacons. Obverse CI gazing to the heavens. Failmezger RBC #351]

This is the only example of this obverse/reverse combination that the owner has seen in the 30 years that he has been collecting ancient coins. I'm looking for one myself!

Mike Mehalick

First Consul (and Web Master)

Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington, DC

Valentinian III r. 425-455

Gold Tremissis of Rome or Ravenna, struck 455. Cf. RIC 2061, DO 845

VF, o/c not affecting devices, 14mm, 1.5g

DNPLAVALENTINIANVSPFAVC pearl-diademed draped bust, right

cross in wreath, tied X||X , in exergue COMOB

“the outputs of Rome and Ravenna were the products of the same moneyers and cannot be

differentiated with any degree of ceertainty.” Kent

purchased from Louis di Lauro, New York, April 2004

Anonymous Local Collector

Valentinian III r. 425-455

Gold Tremissis of Constantinople, struck 440-455. RIC 251 (R4)

obv graffiti “V” in field right, lustrous EF 14mm, 1.5g

DNVALENTINIANVSPFAVC pearl-diademed draped bust, right

VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM (note wide spacing) Victory holding wreath

and cross on globe, * in field right, in exergue CONOB

purchased from Louis di Lauro, New York, April 2004

Anonymous Local Collector

Maurice Tiberius r. 582-602

Gold Solidus of Carthage. DO 229, S.549 struck indictional year 12 (=593/594 AD),

4.34 g VF, superficial stain on obverse

D N mAVRI-C T P P AN IB, helmeted facing bust, holding globus cruciger /

VICTORI-A AVGGIB, angel standing facing, holding long P-headed cross & globus cruciger; In exergue CONOB.

Sotheby’s 1998, #156, purchase from Waddell, Apr. 99

Anonymous Local Collector

Constantine IX Monomachus r. 1042-1055

Gold Tetarteron of Constantinople. (4.05 gm DOC III 6.5; BN 16-21; SB 1833). EF

+IhS XIS REX REGNANTIM, nimbate bust of Christ, holding Gospels

+CWn AnT hOSILE m, crowned bust of Constantine, wearing jeweled chlamys, holding labarum and globus cruciger

Good metal; exceptionally well centered and struck, for type

purchase from Waddell, Jan. 2001

Anonymous Local Collector

This was my first Byzantine coin which I purchased in 2001. It is also the first coin in my Byzantine anonymous follis type set.

Byzantine Class A3 anonymous follis.

Diocletian 284-305 CE

AE Follis (8.96 gm) Carthage mint

Struck circa 297-298 CE

Obv. - IMP DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG Laureate head right

Rev. - FELIX ADV-ENT AVGG NN Africa stg. facing, head l., in long drapery with elephant-skin head-dress, r. holding standard, l. tusk; at feet to l., lion with captured bull.

RIC VI 23a var. (H not I in field)

Failmezger 001D

Purchase CNG 04/18/04

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