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Dynastic Transitions in the Coinage of Bactria: Antiochus-Diodotus-Euthydemus. Classical Numismatic Studies No. 4

(CNG: Lancaster, PA, 2001).

Hardbound with dust jacket. 208 pp., 21 pl., 7 charts, 6 tables, 1 map. Illustrated throughout the text. Dr. Kritt’s latest work, which presents readers with important discoveries in third century Bactrian numismatics.





The Early Seleucid Mint of Susa. Classical Numismatics Studies No. 2

(CNG: Lancaster, PA, 1997).

Hardbound with dust jacket. xviii, 220 pp., 34 pl. Groundbreaking work that identifies and discusses the deeper meanings of Seleukos' coinage at the ancient Persian city of Susa, which are among the most varied and evocative of all of his issues. Like other books by Dr. Kritt, this is thoroughly reasoned. Highly recommended to anyone interested in any numismatic research of the Greek east.



Seleucid Coins of Bactria. Classical Numismatic Studies No.1

(CNG: Lancaster, PA, 1996).

Harbound with dust jacket. ix, 65 pp., 5 pl. A detailed study of Seleucid coins struck in Bactria during the half century Seleucid occupation of the province. In addition to discovering previously unknown coins, and reattributing known coins, this study has proved the existence of an entirely new mint! The results of the study have greatly changed the picture of minting operations and administration of the province.

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