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Seleucid Coins, a Comprehensive Catalog. Part 1: Seleucus I – Antiochus III.

Houghton, Arthur and Lorber, Catharine.

(Classical Numismatic Group, Lancaster, PA, 2003).

Winner of the 2003, IAPN Book of the Year Award.

Seleucid Coins represents the culmination of more than a decade of research and examination of material from major private and public collections, excavations in source countries, public sales catalogs and the coin market. Seleucid Coins, Part I, lists reign-by-reign and mint-by-mint, the totality of known coins of the Seleucid kings of Asia from the dynasty’s founding by Seleucus I Nicator in 313/2 B.C. to the death of Antiochus III (The Great) in 187. The book is profusely illustrated, showing on nearly one hundred plates examples of virtually every coin denomination and type, of every mint in every reign.

Seleucid Coins is designed for those newly interested in the field as well as for those with special interests in the disciplines of numismatics, archaeology, history, and art history. It is organized to allow the easy identification of individual coins, while at the same time providing great depth of history and interpretation of the material. Scholars will benefit from the book’s encompassing scope, including its commentary on history, principal coinages and iconography, its extended discussions of attributions and mint history, its comprehensive listing of relevant hoards, its indexes of types and surveys of coinage production by ruler and mint, and its special appendix of metrology with tables by Brian Kritt. Professional numismatists and collectors will benefit from the ease of access to coins that appear frequently on the market as well as those of very great rarity.

Seleucid Coins will stand long into the future as an essential reference to a major field of Greek numismatics.

Seleucid Coins, Part II: Seleucus IV - Antiochus XIII, is expected to follow in 2006.


Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the collection of Arthur Houghton

(ANS, ACNAC 4, New York, 1983).

1,323 coins described and illustrated. 122 pages, 77 plates. Orange cloth.

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