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ANSW members have authored several books on topics related to their ancient numismatic specialty.  Some of the most recent publications are listed below.

Failmezger, Victor

Roman Bronze Coins: From Paganism to Christianity 294-364 A.D.  (2003).

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Foss, Clive

Roman Historical Coins.  (1990).


Houghton, Arthur

Seleucid Coins, a Comprehensive Catalog. Part 1: Seleucus I Antiochus III. (2003).

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Kritt, Brian

Dynastic Transitions in the Coinage of Bactria: Antiochus-Diodotus-Euthydemus. Classical Numismatic Studies No. 4 (2001).

Read more about Dynastic Transitions in the Coinage of Bactria and other books by Brian Kritt

Ryan, John

A Handbook of Papal Coins:  The Medieval Coinage 1268 - 1431 and the Early Renaissance Coinage 1431 - 1534.  (1989).

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